Campbell Real Estate Advisory Group, Inc. (“Campbell Group”) is a unique commercial real estate company whose total focus is upon the representation of the Tenant-Client as well as companies and professional groups with their real estate initiatives. By focusing upon this selective practice area, Campbell Group is continually honing its methods in which we represent our client’s interests. In doing so, Campbell Group provides extremely tangible benefits, which translate into transactions that provide our clientele with the lowest possible cost of occupancy for a property that meets or exceeds their criteria, combined with optimum contractual flexibility.

Campbell Group has absolutely no conflict of interest. Our focus and advocacy are upon and for the office space tenant. We do not lease, manage or sell properties for owners and/or landlords. To do so, would clearly be a conflict of interest. This sets us apart from other national and local commercial real estate companies. Many national firms, such as Cushman & Wakefield, CBRE and Jones Lang LaSalle attempt to represent landlords with their leasing, management and the sale of their assets, while simultaneously representing tenants within the same marketplace. From a pragmatic perspective, the tenant is at total risk in a transaction environment as such, because the real estate company that is representing both the landlord and the tenant has a far greater financial loyalty to the landlord than the tenant. Further, there is always an inherent pressure upon the dual agency representative to place his client in a building that his company is also responsible for leasing. Taking everything above into consideration, this is a classic example of a fragmented fiduciary and the tenant becomes the victim.


Campbell Group has the focus, experience and unique ability to represent the interests of our clients on a local, national and global basis without conflict in an exceptionally proactive and efficient manner.


Campbell Real Estate Advisory Group, Inc. is the industry leader in providing best-in-class commercial real estate services to companies from Fortune 500 to the small business sector. Campbell Group Executives have successfully represented hundreds of tenant client in the range of 5,000-sf and larger transactions.