State and Municipal economic incentives are based upon one simple premise- Return on Investment. State and municipalities will provide economic incentives such as tax abatement and infrastructure funds etc. and non-economic incentives such as no-cost employee training programs in return for a company’s commitment to hire a specified number of employees at a specified minimum wage amount over a certain time period.

The following are an example of our incentive transactions that we have completed for our clients.


170,000-sf   •   Build-to-Suit Building – Eugene Springfield, OR

Campbell Group represented RCCL with a multi-state initiative for their new 170,000-sf customer contact center, which was built in Springfield, Oregon. Five states were under consideration. We were responsible for all real estate state responsibilities to include site selection, due diligence, site acquisition, developer/landlord selection and lease negotiations. Our duties also included workforce evaluation, state business cost evaluations and the negotiations of state and local economic business incentives. We provided RCCL with over $7.0 million in economic incentives and non-economic incentives valued at 4.0 million.


30,000-sf   •   Miramar, FL

Campbell Group represented Seabourn for their 30,000-sf corporate headquarter facility. There was a supposed inter-county moratorium for incentivizing companies to relocate between either Miami-Dade, Broward or Palm Beach Counties. We arranged for Seabourn to receive $250,000 in cash, one payment from the City of Miramar, via their proposed new landlord. We arranged a $250,000 real estate tax credit for the landlord who then passed that amount to Seabourn as upfront rent abatement. This was a precedent in South Florida Incentive negotiations.


250,000-sf   •   Research Triangle Park, NC

Campbell Group represented Stiefel Laboratories/GSK with a multi-state consideration for the relocation of one of its business units. During the conduct of this transaction, we orchestrated competition among three states. Offers varied from a low of $6 million to a high of approximately $15 million. These incentives are all hard money via tax credits and grants, exclusive of employee training reimbursements and loans and bond financing. Stiefel/GSK purchased a 250,000-sf office research facility in Research Triangle Park. We negotiated an incentive package with the State of North Carolina and local municipalities. Stiefel/GSK was awarded an incentive package that is in excess of $12.0 million.


105,000-sf   •   105,000-sf anchor tenant for the 650,000-sf 1111 Brickell Ave Bldg, Miami FL

Campbell Group represented Barclays as they became the 105,000-sf anchor tenant for the 650,000 sf Barclays Financial Center on Miami’s Brickell Avenue. We achieved a rental rate 25% below market, over $100.00/sf in landlord contributions, expansion and contraction rights, termination rights and exclusive signage and naming rights for the entire period.

Government incentives were negotiated in such a manner that Barclays and the developer of the project were provided with absolute response times with regard to permitting and multiple inspections during the construction of the building and the interiors build-out of the Barclay’s premises, as well as the common areas of the building. As a result, a 650,000-sf world-class building was completed within only 16 months.


130,000-sf   •   Build-to-Suit Building – Miramar, FL

Campbell Group represented RCCL in their 20-year lease of a 130,000-sf build-to-suit building to accommodate their South Florida skilled and professional positions. RCCL received a submarket rental rate, optimum contractual flexibility and tremendous visibility on I-75. We negotiated over $5.0 million dollars in economic business incentives on their behalf.


35,000-sf   •   Build-to-Suit Building – Miramar FL

Campbell Group represented My Travel Company nationally and internationally prior to their acquisition by NLG. On their behalf, we consolidated their call center activities across South Florida into one state of the art 35,000-sf facility which was built to their specifications. We also negotiated in excess of $750,000 in economic business incentives.


80,000-sf   •   Interstate Relocation and Build-to-Suit Headquarters – Miramar, FL

Campbell Group represented Spirit Airlines with their relocation from Detroit, within the context of a multi-state consideration. We negotiated a very low cost of occupancy, expansion and contraction rights as well as over $4 million in economic business incentives.